In this Bitesize session with the Good Homes Alliance, we’ll deal with the ethics of data collection in building performance evaluation.

Occupants are central to any in-use building performance evaluation (BPE) work and engaging them is vital. Though this is about a lot more than data protection and privacy, understanding the ethics and being able to reassure the people involved with what happens to their data, can be very important and circumvent a potential barrier.

This session will be presented by William Box, founder of Carnego Systems. Carnego Systems focuses on the use of real-time data from buildings to understand and drive both technical and human aspects of building performance. The company is particularly active in the domestic market, providing continuous BPE services for both new-build and retrofit. Having sought training of data protection and ethics, William Box is a great advocate for better industry understanding of the importance of the topic, passionate about best practice becoming widespread before any data leak catastrophes hit the headlines and threaten the whole data-driven building performance improvement industry. We are delighted that William will present this subject and answer your questions.


  • Free-to-attend for BPN and GHA members
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  • £30 for non-members

*Partner organisations include: AECB, Passivhaus Trust, SuperHomes, STBA, TCPA, The Green Register, The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, UKIEG, Woodknowledge Wales.



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Date: 11/07/2023

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm