The Building Performance Network seeks to link clients, commissioning groups, building owners, building product manufacturers, academic institutions, building performance experts, construction companies and policy makers together.


  • Influence central and local Government e.g. Building Regulations; ECO; Regulatory Bodies e.g. OFGEM; TC89; IEA
  • Influence the various bodies associated with the Built Environment sector e.g. Green Construction Board; the many and various professional institutions; The UK Green Building Council; The Aldersgate Group etc.
  • Highlight risks to clients and others and promote consistent application of good practice solutions
  • Develop a consistent level playing field that will lead to increased demand for proven, effective products and services


Activities include:

  1. Regular events, across several regions, for exchange of knowledge and experience
  2. A listing of members and their services/ competencies on the BPN website
  3. A news section of the website, and associated regular newsletter, giving details of new developments, interesting research etc.
  4. An annual technical panel to review the state of BPE in the UK and areas needing further change
  5. Detailed working groups to explore research and methodological development in specific areas
  6. Awards to celebrate best practice achievements by the leaders


Measurement methodologies for temperature, indoor air quality (CO2 levels) and relative humidity are inconsistent
  • State of the Nation Review: Building Performance
  • Measuring Building Performance: Methods, Tools and Facilities
  • Big Data - Smart Buildings
  • Faster Measurement Methodologies
  • Measuring Health & Wellbeing


As identified by previous work undertaken by the Sustainable Development Foundation, there are a huge number of data sets in the UK.

The BPN proposes a portal to link and group together existing datasets to allow greater comparison and create a larger data resource

The ambition is to provide a point where the data can be effectively shared and, where appropriate, aggregated to make larger data sets, where detailed analysis may be undertaken to draw stronger or new conclusions. This may include:

  • Data portal – a shared data resource with data aggregated where applicable
  • Development of shared tools for analysis – development of shared open source tools to analyse the data
  • Shared reporting on findings for members – opportunity for members to ask specific questions of data


BPN will where requested work with other groups and organisations who are embarking on building performance evaluation research in order to help them develop the appropriate methodologies and protocols necessary to ensure successful outcomes from their BPE projects.

The BPN also has a group of external experts that can provide support in many aspects of Building Performance Evaluation.