• Be a part of an exclusive collective group of expert organisations shaping the building performance landscape
  • Be seen as a credible collaborator by Government and other organisations with an interest in this field
  • Support engagement with Government in a unified industry approach and have a say in what is proposed as industry standards
  • Learn and share knowledge about the latest developments in Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) and gain access to best practice guidance about BPE



  • Network with experts, building clients, data owners and others who can develop or review studies to good practice standards
  • Promotion of your organisation on the BPN website
  • Access to BPN research, events and other activities
  • Link your dataset into the BPN portal (where relevant)
  • Involvement in BPN working groups/ technical committees
  • Invitation to attend an exclusive annual event with building performance evaluation experts


Standard member benefits PLUS;

  • Membership of The Pioneers Group
  • Direct line to a dedicated BPN expert to advise confidentially about your studies either beforehand in helping to plan, or afterwards in reviewing and adding credibility to the results
  • Help to shape the Building Performance landscape through involvement in our Policy Working Group
  • Access to the Peer Review process
  • Gain support for informed decision making when embarking on building performance studies and collection of data**
  • Gain credibility for new products and services through expert advice on your results against collective industry standards with a tailored advisory review of plans by a BPN advisor.**

* For turnover less than £1m, Membership fee is by agreement.

** NOTE: The in-house reviews are advice about good practice. They do not include full Peer Review,
which would have to be undertaken and paid for separately. However, they should indicate strengths and weaknesses in any study or results, and highlight whether there would be value in undertaking a full Peer Review process.