Monday, 29th March, 3:30pm

Event output

Please find here all the slides and recordings of the presentations from this event.  Many thanks to all our speakers.

Introduction from George Martin, Executive Chair, BPN

Presentation slides: George Martin BPN Event Introduction 29th March 2021

Prof Fionn Stevenson on BPN Campaigns 2021.

Presentation slides: Fionn Stevenson BPN Campaigns 2021

Fionn’s Note on BPE in Housing:

Alex Tait on the RIBA’s Plan for Use and POE

Presentation slides: Alex Tait RIBA Plan for Use and POE

The RIBA’s Plan for Use:
Arising in the discussion, the RIBA’s page on POE for policy-makers:

Ross Holleron introduces the BPN’s Business Case of BPE project

Presentation slides:  Ross Holleron BPN BPE Business Case Project

Please contact Ross to see the latest proposal for this project, discuss or to get involved.

Peter Rickaby, the Retrofit Academy, on Retrofit and BPE, including PAS 3035 and PAS 3038

Presentation slides:  Peter Rickaby Retrofit Academy Retrofit Standards and BPE


2021 is an exciting year for the BPN as we progress our campaign to try to take BPE and POE into the mainstream industry. Join us for an update on our progress so far.

We will have news about the development of the BPE British Standard. Prof Fionn Stevenson and Ross Holleron will outline the actions they’re planning in their new roles of Campaigns and Development Directors. All will be revealed, including how you can get involved.

Our guest speakers will talk about the RIBA’s much-anticipated Plan for Use, which is their interpretation of the Soft Landings Framework (originally produced by the Usable Buildings Trust and BSRIA). Its aim is to encourage a more outcome-based approach to design, with the process defined by Plan for Use translating into a radical change within practice, discipline and profession. Plan for Use is embedded within the RIBA Plan for Work 2020 as a core project strategy.

From the Retrofit Academy, learn about moves to drive uptake of BPE and POE in the retrofit market, including PAS 2038 and PAS 2035.

Join us to find out more.


3.30 Welcome and British Standard update – George Martin, BPN

BPN Campaigns

3.40 Campaign for performance measurement in building regulations – Prof Fionn Stevenson, BPN

3.55 The RIBA’s Plan for Use, launching on 25th March– Alex Tait, RIBA

4.10 Q&A, discussion

Activities Development

4.20 BPN project: the business case of mainstreaming BPE – Ross Holleron, BPN

4.35 The case for greater BPE adoption in retrofit and requirements in PAS 2035 – Peter Rickaby, the Retrofit Academy

4.50 Q&A, discussion

5.00 Close


Online, Zoom


Members, please let us know that you can attend by emailing Laura. We will then send you details for this Zoom meeting.

Please contact Laura if you are not currently a BPN Member would are keen to attend.

Date: 29/03/2021

Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm