BPE Resource Platform project announcement

2022 kicks off with an exciting new project for the BPN: we will be building a brand-new BPE resource platform with funding from Ecology Building Society.  We are delighted to be enabling greater uptake of building performance evaluation in this very pragmatic way.

Primarily aimed at self-builders, retrofitters, clients, design teams and smaller builders, the resource platform will assist those stakeholders and practitioners to identify and integrate into their own processes simple but robust approaches to building performance evaluation. 

Delivered over the next three years, a team of BPN associates and technical partners will be

  1. Identifying appropriate BPE methods (from concept stage through to occupancy), techniques and tools. These will also align with the new British Standard for in-use BPE
  2. Creating a digital resource platform, hosted by the BPN, to signpost the resources identified and developed. It will have the capacity to evolve with BPE techniques and accommodate information that becomes available.
  3. Developing BPE tutorials targeted at various audiences.

Look out for more news on this project through 2022.