Developing a BPN campaign strategy

The first task has been to establish and agree a new BPN Campaign Strategy.  This maps out the key influencers we need to work with and prioritises the messaging that should be used to reach out to the different organisations who can help to enable our BPN objectives. The strategy also priorities where to start with the campaigning.

A key decision within the BPN Campaign Strategy is to focus on the Post-Occupancy (POE) stages within the wider remit of Building Performance Evaluation (BPE); for this we are using the approach that POE is the evaluation of a building in use, whilst BPE is the wider setting of targets and monitoring of performance at any point in the life of a building project.

Working with government departments (especially MHCLG and BEIS) will obviously be key in relation to the regulatory environment and industry incentives, and we are actively pursuing activities on this front.

At the same time, we know that financial and insurance institutions are key influencers when it comes to allowing post-occupancy evaluations (POE) to take place once the buildings are occupied. We are currently working with a small industry subgroup to progress more detailed POE contract documentation for issue at the tender stage, which should help to offer reassurance to industry and insurers alike.

And finally, with the Government, finance and insurance organisations on board, it will be important for BPN to work with industry and the client base to increase demand for, and capacity to deliver, effective BPE that supports business efficiency for all concerned.

If you would like to support the BPN campaign activities, then please contact Prof Fionn Stevenson at