Our thanks to Mike Ormesher

George Martin expresses our thanks to Mike Ormesher as he steps down as Chair of the Building Performance Network.

“Mike Ormesher has been a founding member of the BPN since 2016 and was instrumental in setting up the governance, structure, strategy, marketing and membership activities for the future of the network alongside other key management team members. Mike agreed to take on the chair of the organisation in 2016 due to his passion for real performance development and to help grow the strength and collaborative activities of the membership.

“Mike’s passion drove forward a programme of events and initiatives to further strengthen the collaboration we now see today. This co-operation also involved working with key stakeholders including regulators, warranty providers, certification bodies, academia and also Government where Mike was highly regarded for his work on initiatives such as the Zero Carbon Hub Design vs As Built (DvAB) Report and Each Home Counts (EHC) projects, to name a few.

“Whilst working at Knauf Insulation and Saint Gobain (British Gypsum), Mike brought many opportunities to the BPN and played a big part in our drive for data management and process control due to his affiliation with many of the academic institutes across the UK and within the rest of Europe. Mike has always been a big advocate of data management and energy efficiency insight and has managed a number of high-profile monitoring projects in his career especially during his time at Knauf Insulation. That learning, experience and knowledge will continue to serve him well as he moves onto a very exciting role at TopHat, which is a leading modular housing manufacturing business, backed by Goldman Sachs.

“Mike has now passed on his chair position to me, George Martin, so he can focus his attention on this exciting role at TopHat as DfMA Director (Design for Manufacture & Assembly). Mike explains that he is now (along with his colleagues in the leadership team) driving the business forward to offer extremely high-quality homes with exceptional energy performance to a number of clients, especially within the Social Landlord sector. The mission of TopHat is to “empower a world of designers”, which is a formidable aspiration and we wish Mike and the leadership team at TopHat the very best with their endeavours to create many of these exciting homes for their clients and homeowners.”