Recordings from SEEDS event featuring BPN speakers

All the presentations from the SEEDS Conference 2021, organised by Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett University, are available of Prof Chris Gorse’s YouTube channel:

A number of the BPN team appeared across the two-day event.  George Martin on BPE and Building Regulations.

Prof Fionn Stevenson reported on progress of the British Standard for BPE in Use, BS40101:

David Adams, BPN Development Director, on the business case for BPE

Jon Bootland, our Strategic Advisor, chaired the session that featured the following presentations:

Dr Abdulliahi Ahmed (Coventry University) on building performance diagnostics and evaluation in low-energy retrofit of public buildings:

Luke Smith, from BPN Member, Build Test Solutions, on Pulse air permeability testing:

Dr John Littlewood (Cardiff School of Art and Design, the Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment group), Measuring Occupant Quality of Life in Dwelling Retrofit: