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In October 2017, BPN hosted an exclusive event in London with 40 construction professionals all having an interest in building performance in use.

During the meeting at the Saint-Gobain Multi Comfort Centre in London, we explored the current state of play regarding building performance and evaluation, identifying the obstacles in ramping up uptake and setting priorities on important projects to drive the movement forward.

George Martin, Chief Executive of the BPN addresses the audience

We wrote up, recording and minuting, the discussions and outputs from the break-out sessions and are now circulating them in the form of a report for attendees.

But we will also be making the output report available to the building community at the end of October.

“We’re confident that our event on 10th October has thrown up some very interesting views and opportunities to critically assess building performance, available data and methodologies”

“Understanding and improving performance measurement starts with a consensus among leading players, publishing our views and building the profile of BPN as a member-led and member focused organisation to lobby for the changes needed.”

George Martin, Chief Executive, BPN

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