WSBF & BBA roundtable calls for Government and industry support of the Building Performance Network

In January 2018, CEO George Martin attended the WSBF (Westminster Sustainable Business Forum) & BBA (British Board of Agrément) roundtable, ‘Each Home Counts & the Building Performance Network’ on our behalf.  The recommendations from this event have now been published:

  • Government should back new regulations for the energy efficiency industry and provide a holistic framework to link these with existing regulations for related trades, such as plumbing, gas and electricity.
  • Government should clarify the direction of travel and introduce incremental increases to standards over a long time period, so industry can prepare for compliance with these improvements.
  • Public procurement should mandate performance-linked outcomes of energy efficiency improvement projects or even introduce regulation to this effect.
  • Upcoming revisions of Building Regulations (Part L) should move away from being purely SAP-based (Standard Assessment Procedure), and include a clause to enable future improved technologies that can assess building performance better to be implemented.
  • Government and industry should support the Building Performance Network to enable better decision-making on policy, regulation and funding for improving building performance.

Download the full report here:

The Building Performance Network 29.01.18 – WSBF roundtable

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