The Business Case for BPE

Proposal for market development activities

The place of Building Performance Evaluation in creating a net zero carbon economy

The built environment is seeing a period of unprecedented demand for innovation and change. This is being driven by a combination of the mainstream acceptance that we must transition to a Net Zero Carbon economy as quickly as possible, and the exponential growth of smart technologies, particularly the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).


There is a growing realization that Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) can and will play a central role in helping turn this vision of a Net Zero Carbon future into a healthy and productive reality. Experts in this area are beginning to collaborate more closely with innovators from across the financial, construction, IT, Electric Vehicle (EV) and energy supply chain to understand what this future might look like, and strategically position themselves to take advantage as new business models appear.

It is already apparent that it is no longer enough to think this will be a world of simply predicting energy and water demand. We are rapidly approaching a future where multiple players will need to know how the built environment is performing, why this is the case, plus what and when the wider energy system and occupant needs impacts will be.

The need for a BPE business case study

The Building Performance Network (BPN) is committed to promoting the increased use of BPE techniques across the UK. In the context of these growing trends, we aim to conduct a scoping study to clearly demonstrate the business case for BPE in this future. Working with a team of partners the project will provide much needed independent evidence to explain:

  • What and why are so many innovations taking place in this sector?
  • Who will see most value in the greater use of new BPE techniques and technologies?
  • Which sectors are best placed to take best advantage of new business models?
  • What strategic support is required to help make this future a mainstream reality?

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