Architype is committed to designing quality, sustainable buildings that enhance the well-being and productivity of users and perform as they should.

We reject the industry pitfall of accepting an inevitable performance gap between predicted and actual results. Instead, we have developed a quality, fabric first approach that offers long term and built-in sustainability, by employing robust strategies that focus directly on energy reduction as opposed to carbon offsetting.

The pro-active monitoring of our completed projects enables us to optimise our buildings in operation, whilst seeking lessons to help us improve with each consecutive project.

Our research initiatives have provided key evidence that demonstrates our progress in delivering healthy internal environments, as well as reducing the thermal energy consumption of our buildings by 90%, and overall energy consumption by 70%, compared to similar buildings built to UK building Regulations standards. 

Being part of a network that pushes these agendas is an important part of a collaborative approach to bring about education and change to our industry.