Atamate Building Intelligence

Atamate is a dynamically innovative company that combines extensive sustainable building experience with cutting edge software engineering. The Atamate product is a data platform that is used to run buildings more efficiently by optimising to occupant comfort, reducing CO2 emissions while reducing both capital and running costs .

An Atamate system consists of sensors installed throughout a building, an edge computer that controls actuators and relays from sensor information, and data analytics carried out in the cloud on the building data. An Atamate building can be easily examined for performance, either in real-time or retrospectively.  Indeed, the system can be used as a monitoring and reporting tool alone. The Atamate system is compatible with any building service, and may be incorporated during construction or retrofitted into an existing building.

At Atamate, not only do we strive to provide customers with best in class software and advice, but we are involved in research into better ways of achieving our goals. We have collaborated with the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Loughborough University and Cardiff University.

The most scrutinised Atamate case study is that of the Cardiff rental flats which was carried out in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University. The peer reviewed journal paper presenting the analysis can be viewed here

Please see the Atamate website for further detail of the product and for customer testimonials