Hodkinson Consultancy

As a specialist energy and environment consultancy it’s our mission to make sure that every new building is good for people and good for the planet. We work with a wide range of housing developers, housing associations, strategic land developers, commercial developers and contractors. Our focus is on providing them with practical, forward-thinking advice on a range of energy and environmental issues. Our diverse and dedicated team of experienced specialists, recognised in many cases as experts in their respective fields, make it possible for our work to have an impact at every stage of a project.

The support we offer ranges from creating strategies with a consistent record of gaining planning consent, to advising on the specifics of things like heating, fabric performance, and solar and thermal modelling.

We use building performance evaluation to analyse the construction quality of buildings, using the information gathered to optimise operational performance, undertake remediation measures where necessary and feedback lessons learnt to future projects. It can be used to demonstrate build quality and to improve performance. By considering building performance and end user requirements early in the design process, we can put an appropriate monitoring strategy in place. Our aim is to ensure that buildings are fit for purpose and operate effectively and efficiently, with high levels of occupant satisfaction.

We are delighted to join the Building Performance Network and become part of a collective group of expert organisations shaping the building performance landscape. Our goal is to be able to learn and share knowledge about the latest developments and best practice guidance and research in BPE.