WARM are energy consultants specialising in comfortable, low energy buildings

What we do

We provide

  • Passivhaus & low energy consultancy
  • Passivhaus Certification
  • Building services design
  • Training in low energy design principals through Carbonlite

And a heavy focus on evaluation and testing.  We have undertaken a large proportion of the POE research into Passivhaus buildings; learning from our projects is crucial part of design.

Our projects

  • We only work on very low energy buildings, most of our projects are Passivhaus Certified
  • Our projects range from single dwellings to the largest Passivhaus buildings throughout the UK
  • We work with architects and designers, providing practical advice to meet the highest comfort and energy standards
  • We’ve done it; our office is EnerPHit Certified, Sally’s house is Passivhaus Certified and several of our team have low energy projects on the go

Our main ambition for BPN is to share research; we have an awful lot of analysis and lessons learnt and we see this as a fantastic platform to share.  In addition to lessons learnt for building design, we would like opportunities to discuss monitoring approaches, I’m sure all the members have an interest in how we undertake meaningful POE at a low cost.  Setting up templates for this would be really useful for both clients and researchers.

Website: www.peterwarm.co.uk