Planning BPE: where to start and common techniques

This is BPN training module 2, with details on how to plan a domestic BPE project:

Download Module 2 here

Slides to accompany the full document can also be found here.

These training documents are to help anyone involved in a building project to understand what Building Performance Evaluation is, who will undertake what and when. We present the benefits of these efforts, which include occupant satisfaction, lower environmental impact, and reducing risk. We want the user of this series to have the confidence and information to be able to get the evaluation programme they need to achieve their goals for their project.

There are 5 modules. A fuller description of all of these in provided in Module 1.

Module 1 – BPE: What, why and the benefits that it brings
Module 2 – Planning a BPE: Where to start and common techniques
Module 3 – Undertaking dwelling BPE
Module 4 – Data interpretation, reporting and taking action
Module 5 – The performance golden thread: BPE and robust QA

Modules will all be freely available from the BPN Resource Hub.

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