The business case for Building Performance Evaluation

AnchorAfter the successful launch of our State of the Nation Report last year, we have been developing the concept for our follow-on project. The focus for this programme of work is to demonstrate the mainstream Business Case for BPE, with the aim being to move the discussion on to what real world commercial value BPE brings and who can best benefit from this. We envisage activities based around three stages:

  • BPE: The value and benefits (inc 12 x case studies)
    • Examples of organisations already exploiting the commercial power of BPE activities
  • BPE: Future market demands and opportunities
    • Sector specific briefing packs detailing client needs and corresponding BPE offerings
  • BPE: Strategy for market development
    • A route map with associated campaign activities to accelerate uptake of BPE

You can find the project proposal on our website here. Please contact Ross if you would like to know more about supporting this exciting new work.